Miami, FL – March 13, 2024 – Seaworthy Collective, a Miami-based non-profit BlueTech (ocean and climate impact innovation) entrepreneur support organization and community, announces the launch of its fourth cohort of startups and founders in its Startup Studio and Incubator, marking a significant milestone as its first with a majority of female founders. 

This year, seven pioneering startups with founders across diverse backgrounds and disciplines have been selected out of over 100 applicants. Each embodies innovation in technology, data, and science to tackle critical environmental challenges, including coastal resilience and adaptation, upstream and downstream pollution, and greenhouse gas reduction and removal.  Startups can participate on full scholarships (no equity or fees) as a result of support from Seaworthy’s mission-aligned partners at Salesforce and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Growth Accelerator Fund Competition.

“Seaworthy’s fourth cohort continues to reinforce Seaworthy’s commitment and leadership in our mission to make BlueTech accessible and inclusive. Not only is it the first time we are supporting a cohort of majority female founders, but it’s also our second cohort in a row with majority local representation, a testament to the growing regional ecosystem that Seaworthy has put years of community programming to spur development. We’re incredibly proud of our local and global community’s role in continuing to grow the early-stage BlueTech startup pipeline with diverse talent and ideas that are representative of the thought leaders and solutions of the future,” said Daniel Kleinman, Seaworthy Collective’s Founder & CEO.

The seven Spring 2024 cohort startups are:

  • CASTUS Technologies (San Francisco, CA) – Coounders  Mohamed Said and Mohamed Gad use AI and ocean meteorological data to find and track floating objects like plastic debris and oil spills in oceans, seas, and rivers. It combines this with satellite imagery to confirm accuracy, providing reliable results.
  • Coastal Protection Solutions (Boston, MA) – Led by Alex Berkowitz, Coastal Protection Solutions, Inc. provides innovative coastal protection systems, specializing in patent-pending technologies designed to mitigate the impacts of climate change-induced coastal flooding.
  • Green Thumb Strategies & Phytoflora (Miami, FL) – A dual initiative by Jazmin Locke-Rodriguez and Ivan Rodriguez, employing floating farms for water remediation and sustainable agriculture.
  • Igugu Global (Miami, FL) – Founded by Anele Bloch, this climate fintech startup aims to bridge Africa’s $1.5 trillion sustainable infrastructure funding gap.
  • Sargassum EcoLumber (Homestead, FL) – Raquel de Antonio Crespo and Andres de Antonio Simancas’s venture turns Sargassum seaweed and recycled plastics into eco-friendly lumber.
  • Strawfish (Boca Raton, FL) – Aaron Kleinert and Kyle Lansing’s answer to single-use plastic, offering biodegradable alternatives.
  • The Upwelling Institute (Oakland, CA) – Shanee Stopnitzky’s initiative leverages artificial upwellings to cool and regenerate vulnerable ecosystems.

“We spent the last three years refining our offering, and people can tell because we had our most significant pool of applications to date. From over 100 applicants, we meticulously curated a group of seven passionate founders whose needs and aspirations genuinely align with our knowledge and resources. I am excited to go into the program, knowing our support, along with that of their peers, can really help these visionaries move forward,” said Tamara Kahn, Seaworthy Collective’s Programs Director.

This three-month Startup Studio and Incubator program propels startups focused on ocean-based climate solutions. It connects founders to Seaworthy’s extensive global network, which includes 2,250 members, 250 mentors, and a worldwide coalition of investors with over $1 billion in combined assets. The program’s culmination is the eagerly anticipated Startup Showcase on May 23rd at Ampersand Studios in Miami, which spotlights the cohort’s innovative endeavors. Tickets for the event are available at: 

Over three years, Seaworthy has championed 33 startups and 67 founders, while intentionally prioritizing support for underrepresented entrepreneurs. The program offers a blend of human-centered design and bespoke support, with access to a global network and community, in-depth mentorship, business curriculum, grants assistance, and opportunities for visibility.

Seaworthy Collective will run another cohort of its Startup Studio and Incubator program this fall. For those inspired to co-create or grow their ocean and climate impact solutions with Seaworthy, applications from aspiring founders and existing startups are welcome year-round. Apply at

For further details, visit us at or reach out via email at

About Seaworthy Collective:

Seaworthy Collective is a Miami-based 501c3 non-profit BlueTech (ocean and climate impact innovation) entrepreneur support organization and community. Our mission is to make BlueTech accessible and inclusive, bringing all hands on deck via programs for startups as well as community building and education. From addressing coastal resilience and adaptation, greenhouse gas reduction and removal, and pollution, our local and global community is driving innovation for 71% of the planet (our ocean) to regenerate 100% of the planet.
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