Seaworthy Collective (SC), a Miami-based ocean and climate innovation (AKA BlueTech) community and incubator, announces its partnership with BayWest Digital, a Tampa-based tech-based software & digital solutions business. 

BayWest Digital has created a multi-tiered package to support Seaworthy Collective start-ups and grow philanthropic support for Seaworthy Collective in the Tampa Bay region. The package includes matching every dollar BayWest Digital clients donate to reach a goal of $150,000 by 2025,    in-kind marketing donations to startups, and offering Seaworthy Collective start-ups a free Start-up Success Pack to help them succeed in today’s digital world.

“Seaworthy is proud to have BayWest Digital as one of our foundational partners for 2023. BayWest’s commitment to our community goes above and beyond. It directly supports multiple founders developing solutions to the greatest problems facing our oceans and changing climate with access to Seaworthy’s resources, education, and opportunities to drive forward their impact. We look forward to future partners following BayWest’s incredible example in enabling ocean and climate innovation for South Florida and beyond,” said Daniel Kleinman, Seaworthy Collective’s Founder, and CEO. 

The partnership comes at a time when Seaworthy Collective is growing its offerings as an organization, including its new Founder Mentorship Program – a year-round opportunity for founders to access individualized support and the Seaworthy network and for community members to meaningfully contribute to impactful solutions. Launched with the support of the Department of Energy’s EPIC Prize, early-stage and aspiring ocean and climate entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply at:

“BayWest Digital is thrilled to partner with Seaworthy Collective and the startups that are a part of the collective. Our desire as a company is to help businesses share their passions and when those passions are designed to help the world, what more could you ask for? The mission of Seaworthy Collective and BayWest Digital is aligned in several facets, and I am excited to see the impact for good that will result from this partnership.” said Beau Andrews, Founder of BayWest Digital.

For more information about Seaworthy Collective, visit or email  

About Seaworthy Collective

Seaworthy Collective (501c3) is a Miami-based ocean innovation (AKA BlueTech) incubator and community. Our mission is to enable access and inclusion in innovation for ocean and climate impact. We envision oceans of opportunity without barriers, where everyone can contribute to solutions making positive change for our blue planet. We empower Sea Change Makers – supporting early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs globally across diverse backgrounds and impact areas – who drive innovation for 71% of the planet (our ocean) to regenerate 100% of the planet. Learn more at

About BayWest Digital

BayWest Digital provides digital solutions for the modern business.  We work with you to understand your business and its position within the market. We then tailor our services to fit your budget with a plan for growth and a ROI. We ensure transparency throughout the process to help keep you educated and informed. BayWest Digital works to help your business increase revenue, improve efficiency, and decrease expenditure. Learn more at