GÜDPHORIA is a new company dedicated to helping solve the climate crisis through the regenerative cultivation of the hemp plant. With over 15,000 acres of farmland to develop in Central Oregon, GÜDPHORIA is poised to become one of the largest hemp and biomass suppliers in the United States. 

Through vertical integration and strategic partnerships, GÜDPHORIA envisions a farm and a space for research and innovation into the many uses of the hemp plant. The company is building a 10-acre test plot on its 15,000 acres to test various seeds and practices for long-term success. 

“We are working with industry leaders in hemp seed genetics, regenerative soil practices, and precision agriculture to develop our ambitious goals in time to make a difference as a leader in the hemp industry,” said Fred Parent, Co-Founder, and CEO of GÜDPHORIA. 

To help facilitate this journey,  GÜDPHORIA is leveraging its current use of blockchain technology to launch digital art, an NFT titled “The Seed,”  a digital representation of a real-life hemp seed built on the Ethereum blockchain. The funds raised from the NFT sale will support GÜDPHORIA in their real-world build-out. 

“Blockchain is already a central piece of our business and selling the NFT first, as part of our fundraising efforts, was a logical step for us,” said Jessica Behal, Co-Founder of GÜDPHORIA.

The launch of The Seed commemorates the planting of their 10-acre test plot and the genesis of GUDPHORIA’s agronomy development process. They are currently using 3D drone technology to map the entire property and collect data as the planting unfolds. They will work closely with advisors and experts to identify the best hemp seed varieties and conduct soil analysis to inform planting techniques. Blockchain technology will be part of this entire process; offering transparency and trust, especially for “The Seed” owners.  

“The Seed” NFT is rare and collectible art being sold directly from us to NFT enthusiasts interested in supporting innovation that preserves natural resources,” said Parent. “GÜDPHORIA has big plans, and by supporting this project, participants who purchase ”The Seed” NFT will own a collectible that is symbolic of the future,” he added.

The core attributes of GÜDPHORIA’s NFT give it unique value and categorically separate them from other types of assets. These properties include being verifiably indivisible, with a limited supply of 5,555 tokens. “The Seed” will be available on GÜDPHORIA’s mint site on April 2, 2022.  Secondary sales may be placed on either OpenSea or Rarible, where the project’s smart contracts will be honored.

Understanding that NFT transactions have an environmental impact, GÜDPHORIA aims to prove that NFT projects can not only be financially beneficial but can lead the charge with a truly carbon-negative footprint. Click here to read more about GÜDPHORIA’s plan to offset its carbon footprint.

GÜDPHORIA has launched a Discord with details about the project and exclusive content. Join the Discord here. 

GÜDPHORIA is dedicated to helping solve the climate crisis through the regenerative cultivation of the hemp plant. We aim to offer transparency within the hemp community – with plans to share our hemp movement along the blockchain from seed to sale. We have developed methods that will allow us to use the newest, cutting-edge technology to refine and scale ancient agricultural practices.  Visionary Co-Founders Fred Parent and Jessica Behal seek to de-stigmatize the hemp plant from its dark and erroneous history, elevating hemp to its rightful place as a biodegradable, sustainable crop that gives back to the land and our global community. GÜDPHORIA is also at the forefront of a revolution, seeking socially-conscious success to educate and elevate women and people of color in the hemp industry. For more information about GÜDPHORIA, visit https://gudphoria.com/.

Fred Parent
A big thinker, Fred has been dreaming up ideas whether it be for cocktails or climate solutions since before he can remember. Fred’s career started in hospitality, imbuing him with a deep sense of understanding of customer service and entrepreneurship. An award-winning brand ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, Fred effortlessly directed the execution of experiential events and shepherded the brand through its strongest period of growth. With over 20 years’ experience under his belt, Fred has successfully hired and managed employees, serviced major brands and celebrities, and designed and implemented robust marketing and sales plans. As Co-Founder and CEO of GÜDPHORIA, Fred is once again focused on big ideas. Teaming up with a family farm in Central Oregon has allowed him to bring his vision for a hemp farm that’s both a catalyst for climate solutions and a way to promote community-led agriculture to life.

If you are interested in scheduling an interview with Fred Parent or Jessica Behal, please email angela@groupbetancourt.com.