Miami, FL – January 6, 2022 – Seaworthy Collective (SC), a Miami-based BlueTech startup community and venture studio empowering current and aspiring entrepreneurs in regenerative ocean and climate impact, is now accepting applications for its second Sea Change Maker Cohort launching in April 2022. The application deadline is January 22, 2022, and entrepreneurs can apply on the website

The Sea Change Maker Cohort will once again bring together aspiring entrepreneurs to build co-created startups through Seaworthy’s venture studio while giving existing ocean-focused startups the opportunity to make catalytic connections within Seaworthy’s network of over 100 mentors, collaborators, and investing partners, as well as enter Seaworthy’s pitch competition.

“We look forward to welcoming new entrepreneurs and building on the success of our first cohort,” said Daniel Kleinman, Seaworthy Collective’s Founder and CEO.

Seaworthy Collective’s inaugural cohort featured 10 startups (including 2 co-created startups) that addressed climate change reversal, regenerative sources of seafood, coastal resilience, and detecting and removing pollution.

“The collective accomplishments of our first cohort are truly something we’re incredibly proud of and serve as proof that our groundbreaking approach works,” said Kleinman.

Cohort 1 overall accomplishments include:

  • 84% of all 3-month KPIs accomplished – 90 total
  • 151+ new collaborative relationships initiated
  • $126,900 grant and investment funding raised
  • 6+ partnerships created
  • 6 advisors onboarded
  • 3 pilot projects lined up
  • 3 operators added

The inaugural cohort concluded on October 27, 2021, with a startup showcase at the Frost Science Museum in Miami, FL. Seaworthy Collective recently published all of their major milestones as well as details about their breaking approach on their website here. 

Seaworthy Collective also recently announced the launch of their standalone non-profit, the Seaworthy Foundation, co-led by Stephanie Wright, Seaworthy Collective’s Development Director. This new dedicated non-profit social impact arm fully complements the organization’s existing for-profit economic impact arm, to drive regenerative ocean and climate impact.

“The Seaworthy Foundation is our future,” said Wright. “Our nonprofit will build and educate our community by leading ocean innovation in accessibility, inclusivity, and interdisciplinarity. Each of us are a part of Seaworthy Foundation’s mission to bring resources, inspiration, information, opportunities, and community to go at this, together. We’re opening the floodgates to build this even better with the collective effort of our community moving forward. With your help, we can turn the tide and solve the ocean’s greatest problems together.”

For more information about Seaworthy Collective, the Sea Change Maker Cohort, or the Seaworthy Foundation, visit or send an email to