Miami, FL – July 15, 2021 – Seaworthy Collective, a Miami-based startup community and venture studio empowering current and aspiring entrepreneurs (known as Sea Change Makers) to innovate for regenerative ocean impact, announces its Sea Change Maker Inaugural Cohort of 10 startups, which includes 25 founders. The Sea Change Maker Inaugural Cohort is the manifestation of Seaworthy’s Opportunities for Sea Change initiative. This initiative brings together aspiring entrepreneurs to build startups through Seaworthy’s venture studio while giving existing ocean startups the opportunity to make catalytic connections within Seaworthy’s network of over 100 mentors, collaborators, and investing partners, as well as enter Seaworthy’s pitch competition.

The startups selected represent half a dozen countries and leverage the power of technology, data, and science to address challenges in areas such as aquaculture, seafloor marine vegetation, and the collection of environmental data. The cohort will have the opportunity to grow their existing startups and expand their work within one of the Seaworthy Collective’s Opportunities for Sea Change.  

List of startups

Tiktaalik Labs – Los Angeles, CA
The Addition Company – Miami, FL
Kee Farms – Kingston, Jamaica
Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc. – Santa Fe, New Mexico
IntelliAqua – London, UK
Sipremo – Sao Paulo, Brazil
PanaSea – Linton Bay, Panama
Sea Green Regeneration – Miami, FL
Clean Coast Innovations – Miami, FL
Thalasso – Mexico and Flore, Norway

Read more about each of the startups here.  

“This cohort truly sets the bar for what we can accomplish collectively to save the oceans. Even more importantly, we’re bringing together good people who, we are proud to say, represent the future of BlueTech as diverse leaders from all over the world,” said Daniel Kleinman, Founder and CEO, Seaworthy Collective. 

The co-founders, selected from more than 150 applicants, will be working with a team of like-minded, passionate innovators to co-found their own impact venture within one of the Opportunities for Sea Change.

The six primary areas are: 

  • Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Gas Removal (CDR), Sequestration, & Decarbonization
  • Regenerative Ocean Food Sources
  • Seawater as a Resource
  • Ocean Data, Technology, & Emerging Innovations
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Plastics & Pollution Detection, Removal, & Alternatives

”All of this underscores that we aren’t just building individual solutions but real systems change together. We’re driving forward solutions that the (up until now) siloed ecosystem for ocean innovation largely fails to support, despite the beneficial impacts for the greater good. Altogether, this is our first step in collectively building the model for a regenerative blue economy, and we’re thrilled that this cohort is a critical part of this massive effort,” said Kleinman.

While this cohort is set to begin this month, Seaworthy Collective is always looking for aspiring co-founders and existing startups for regenerative ocean impact and is accepting applications on a rolling basis for its Opportunities for Sea Change. Interested applicants can apply here

Seaworthy is celebrating the launch on July 28 at Cervecería La Tropical. The party is an opportunity to meet the founders and startups, and to hear from current and future BlueTech and MiamiTech leaders. Event information is available here.

For more information about Seaworthy Collective, visit or send an email to  


Seaworthy Collective was created in 2020 in Miami, Florida, to empower a community of current and aspiring ocean entrepreneurs, known as Sea Change Makers, to innovate for regenerative ocean impact. Seaworthy co-creates and crowdsources startups to develop collective ocean innovation pipelines at scale, partnering with local incubators and accelerators to tailor their programs to serve them. Seaworthy builds these pipelines through its venture studio and pitch competition programs, democratizing and diversifying opportunities for interdisciplinary ocean innovation and entrepreneurship. Seaworthy leverages a global network of mentors and strategic collaborators, as well as South Florida’s ecosystem of maritime business and research, catalyzing systemic change by empowering entrepreneurs to overcome industry siloes and drive the development of a regenerative blue economy that solves the ocean’s greatest problems.