Miami, FL – November 28, 2022 – Dr. Shireen Rahimi, an award-winning underwater filmmaker, environmental scientist, and the founder of Lightpalace Productions, has teamed up with Miami-based Iranian community group Unite and Conquer, led by Iman Huschmand, to launch a new project titled “Free Iran” during Miami Art Week. 

For “Free Iran,” Dr. Rahimi has created a 30-second audiovisual loop featuring goosebump-inducing videos of Iran’s women- and youth-led revolution. The piece will capture the fearlessness of women, children, the elderly, students, and men as they take to the streets in the face of imprisonment and death. Text-on-screen will explain the Iranian Revolution and encourage viewers to take action using a QR code.

“One of the most effective ways that Iranians and non-Iranians abroad can support these freedom fighters is to amplify their voices. I can’t think of a better reason to leverage the media exposure of Miami Art Week,” said Dr. Rahimi.

The video will play on two digital trucks, strategically routed in front of the main art fairs and high foot-traffic areas of Art Week. This setup will allow for more coverage, high-volume audio, and mobility.

“This project will shed light on an issue that reflects fundamental American values: human rights, democracy, and freedom. An artist must express the truth of the current moment—by doing just that, “Free Iran” will draw the attention of various media, encourage everyday people to act in support of Iranians, and help encourage those inside Iran to continue fighting until they are free,” she added.

The digital trucks will circulate around undisclosed locations across Miami starting Thursday, December 1st, until Saturday, December 3rd. Dr. Rahimi encourages those who come across the trucks to tag Unite and Conquer and herself on Instagram at @letsuniteandconquer and @lightpalac.e.

In addition to the “Free Iran” project, Dr. Rahimi will debut her new short film “Letter From The Age of Ecocide” during an invite-only screening event at the Standard on December 14th, followed by the public screening in coordination with Oolite Arts on December 15th. A press release for this film is forthcoming. 

About Unite and Conquer

Since its inception in 2019, Unite & Conquer’s mission has been to unite Iranians via impactful conversations, content, and events. U & C Founder, Iman Huschmand, a Washington DC native, has been an active community leader for the past 25 years, with a mission to unite Iranians and build a community for Iranians and allies. Between hosting the AWESOME People Podcast, and producing hundreds of cultural events, fundraisers, international concert tours, Iman and U&C stand as leading community builders and supporters of Iranians far and wide. Since the tragic murder of Zhina Mahsa Amini, U&C has turned its focus to bringing awareness to what is happening to Iran, and to be the voice of Iranians who are fighting for freedom and human rights. In just a matter of weeks, U & C has grown to a team of more than 60 dedicated and passionate volunteers collectively known as the Uniters. The team has already reached millions of people globally, including a 12-Hour Livestream Rally for Iran featuring the most prominent Iranian voices. To learn more, visit Unite and Conquer.

About Dr. Rahimi

Dr. Rahimi is an Iranian/American award-winning underwater filmmaker, photographer, marine anthropologist, freediver, and National Geographic Explorer. As a marine anthropologist, Shireen studies how people make sense of, interact with and adapt to changing oceans. While studying for her Ph.D., Shireen realized that her films were effective in getting people to care about ocean conservation. Upon completing her degree in 2020, she started Lightpalace and began her career as a professional filmmaker, infusing her scientific expertise into all of her work. With Lightpalace, Shireen has been featured as a contributor on National Geographic Sharkfest, was named Nautica’s newest ocean conservation Wavemaker, and has had her work featured in The Miami Herald, National Geographic, Sierra Magazine, The New Tropic, and film festivals around the word. With her team of some of Miami’s brightest creatives, Lightpalace delivers high-end production services, helping their clients bring compelling and memorable visual stories to life. To learn more, visit Lightpalace Productions