The Program Ushers in a New Organizational Vision Titled Seaworthy 2.0

Miami, FL – October 04, 2022 – Seaworthy Collective, a Miami-based BlueTech community and venture studio enabling access and inclusion in the global ocean and climate startup ecosystem, announces its next opportunities for current and aspiring startup founders. This includes the launch of its newest startup program, the Founder Mentorship Program. This program offers a year-round opportunity to become part of Seaworthy’s startup pipeline. Seaworthy offers current founders support on a more casual basis than its flagship venture studio. Program benefits include:

  • Lower cost and time investment compared to the Venture Studio
  • Tailored outcome-driven focus – seeking to reach one or more critical milestones/KPIs (varies for each startup) across one to two meetings per month for up to four months
  • Limited access to Seaworthy’s expertise, resources, and network, including potential advisors and investors
  • Seaworthy community support for potential co-founders and operators
  • Potential to be featured on a Seaworthy speaking panel

The Founder Mentorship Program also allows Seaworthy to extend its services to startups that want a head start on participating in the next cohort. The program also gives Seaworthy the flexibility to support startups that may fall outside the primary focus verticals. Interested startups can apply here

”After propelling 20 ocean and climate startups over the last year, we’re excited to build on our proven impacts by better democratizing our support for early-stage startup founders. With year-round access to our catalytic resources, founders will continually have an opportunity to get into the global BlueTech and ClimateTech ecosystem,”  said Daniel Kleinman, Founder and CEO Seaworthy Collective.

Additionally, Seaworthy is opening applications for its flagship Venture Studio program, with cohort 3 launching in March 2023. The venture studio hosts 12-week cohorts that consist of two types of program participants: aspiring founders co-creating new startups and current founders growing existing startups. As the first BlueTech venture studio in the United States, they work to not only co-create individual solutions but also build systems of solutions. Current and aspiring founders worldwide are encouraged to apply on the Seaworthy website.

Seaworthy also updated the Opportunities for Sea Change impact verticals to focus on impacts themselves rather than the specific technologies to achieve them. The new verticals are:

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction & Removal
  • Biodiversity
  • Water Quality
  • Measurement, Reporting, & Verification
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Plastic Reduction & Removal

Seaworthy Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit that houses the programs serving the Collective, has also evolved by refining its programmatic focus areas. The Foundation will focus on community, social and educational, and startup programs that align with 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

”Seaworthy 2.0 not only cements how we’ll continue to build and serve our community moving forward, but also positions us to bring on the partners to support executing and scaling our programs moving forward. We are excited to finally open up our first formal opportunities for planet-passionate people and businesses to partner with us in driving direct and scalable social, economic, and environmental (triple bottom line) impact. We’re leaning on our community to support us in reaching our goal of co-creating and growing 30 ocean and climate impact startups and educating over 3500 people on ocean innovation over the next year!” said Kleinman.

These opportunities mark a new era for Seaworthy Collective. Following Cohort 2, the team reflected on the organization’s growth and future. The result was a new mission and vision statement encapsulating Seaworthy’s vision for 2023, below. To learn more about Seaworthy’s refined vision and new opportunities, click here. For more information about Seaworthy Collective or Seaworthy Foundation, visit


Seaworthy Collective and Seaworthy Foundation (501c3) envision oceans of opportunity without barriers, where everyone can contribute to solutions and systems for reversing marine degradation and climate change. Our mission is to enable access and inclusion in the global ocean and climate startup ecosystem. We mobilize untapped talent and ideas by building, educating, activating, and scaling our community. We empower sea change makers – current and aspiring entrepreneurs across diverse backgrounds and verticals – who drive innovation for 71% of the planet (our ocean) to regenerate 100% of the planet.

Seaworthy’s community programs, including its Climate Community Social Hour, have amassed a global network of 2250 members, 250 mentors, and collaborators, and investing partners with over $1.4 billion in assets. Seaworthy’s social and educational programs, led by the Sea Change Makers Speaker Series, have educated 2370 people over 31 panels in 2 years. Seaworthy’s startup programs, with its flagship venture studio program, have supported 20 startups and 48 founders across 4 continents, including 4 co-created startups in 2 cohorts. Seaworthy startups have raised $6.5 million within 1 year of graduating, with 35% of founders coming from underrepresented backgrounds.