Seaworthy Collective and Yachting Ventures proudly introduce the inaugural Blue Startup Pitch Event. Occurring on February 16th 2024, the event is a unique convergence between the blue economy and marine leisure sectors. 

Set against the backdrop of the esteemed Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show, this event will showcase global startups in the ocean and maritime innovation (BlueTech) spaces coupled with presentations from keynote speakers, and lively discussions among panelists. The highlight of the event will feature dynamic startup pitches, evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges from the Miami region.

With “blue” ocean industries collectively comprising over $1B worth of venture capital globally, Yachting Ventures and Seaworthy Collective are inviting selected startups to participate in this unique event. There will be 2 respective tracks in the blue economy and leisure marine, thereby bridging the gap between these two heavily interconnected industries which have typically operated in their own silos. 

Limited to an exclusive guest list of 100 industry leaders, investors, and media, the event will create a distinctive and unparalleled environment for forging connections with potential investors, providing an invaluable platform for startups seeking funding and significant media coverage across multiple channels.

Why Miami?

Renowned for its diverse culture and unwavering commitment to innovation, Miami offers a strategic location, serving as a global business gateway. In 2022 alone, Miami startups secured over $5 billion in funding, solidifying the city’s position in the top 10 for U.S. venture capital investment. The city boasts a vibrant startup scene interwoven with a globally acclaimed marine hub. 

The Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show is expected to draw over 100,000 visitors this year and is regarded as one of the premier industry events. The show is a focal point for boating enthusiasts and professionals alike, featuring over 1000 exhibitors and showcasing a diverse array of world debuts, ranging from Sportsboats to Superyachts along with its Innovation Awards.

Speaking of the collaboration, Yachting Ventures founder Gabbi Richardson comments:

“While we’ve made strides in Europe, we haven’t officially tapped into the US market through events and partnerships. The Miami International Boat Show is our official entry point. Recognizing the potential, we’re teaming up with Seaworthy to create a platform for startups to pitch to local investors in Miami. Our goal is to build connections that can turn into valuable, long-term relationships for the startups involved.”

Seaworthy Collective founder Daniel Kleinman adds: 

“Seaworthy Collective is thrilled to bridge the worlds of yachting and BlueTech for our first major collaboration of 2024. This event creates a new avenue to grow our community and provide founders with an invaluable platform to connect with stakeholders and grow awareness of their critical work.”  

“We are thrilled to welcome the inaugural Blue Startup Pitch Event to the renowned Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show,” said Andrew Doole, President of U.S. Boat Shows with Informa Markets. “This collaboration between Yachting Ventures and Seaworthy Collective represents a significant milestone, bringing together the blue economy and marine leisure sectors in a dynamic showcase of global innovation.”  

If you’re a startup looking to participate, choose the track that aligns with your focus – either the leisure marine or blue economy sectors (only apply to one). For those developing products related to the blue economy, please submit your application here. Blue economy startups will also be eligible for consideration in Seaworthy’s upcoming Startup Studio and Incubator program launching this Spring. If your startup is in the leisure marine sector, please use the Yachting Ventures application form available here. The deadline to apply for both tracks is Friday 26th January 2024.